GD Affiliate, Rivers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu makes big difference

With the help of Jiu-Jitsu one man has lost 100 pounds.

It's hard for many people to stick with their new year's resolutions--- but Alan Swanson made sure he stuck with his goal.

Swanson turned to the Rivers BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in hopes of living a healthier lifestyle.

At the beginning of his journey Swanson was over 350 pounds and has since lost 100 pounds and says he’s able to do more than ever before.

"I could actually bend, I could kneel, I could do pushups and sit-ups and things i haven't done in a long time since I was a kid"

In shedding the weight, Swanson is able to interact with his kids even more.

"Before it was hard to kneel down and sit and do a coloring book on the ground"

The owners and instructors of the gym Matt Thompson and Trevor Rivers worked with Alan for the past year and say he's changed significantly.

Proud of his accomplishments this far Swanson says he has a lot more to accomplish next year.

He expects to get down to 220 pounds by the end of next year.

He plans to continue working with the program here and even compete in a few competitions.

Written by Cecelia Jenkins (Channel 6 News Lawrence, KS):

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